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Welcome to MKM Manufacturing Inc.

MKM Manufacturing Inc. is a premier full-service machine shop dedicated to transforming your designs and ideas into tangible, high-quality parts.

Our Expertise

At MKM Manufacturing, we collaborate closely with engineers to provide fast and economical manufacturing solutions. Whether you need R&D, prototypes, or short-run production, we are your ideal partner. Our skilled team ensures that every part is built to specification and free of defects, thanks to rigorous quality control processes.

CNC Machining Services

Our CNC fabrication services guide you through the entire machining process, delivering parts with longevity, precision accuracy, and value. Explore our CNC services to find the perfect fit for your design needs. We work with a wide range of industrial-grade materials, including ABS, POM, PEEK, stainless steel, brass, copper, and more, offering you extensive options for your custom parts.

Additional Manufacturing Services

To provide a perfect finished product, we outsource several additional services to certified vendors, including



Painting & Coating

Heat treatment

Surface finishing

Bead blasting

Why Choose MKM

Our custom CNC machining services cater to engineers, product developers, designers, and more. We handle everything from prototyping and small-batch machining to short run production. Our experienced staff excels in managing tight tolerance parts with complex geometries, ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Made in the USA

As a second-generation company, we proudly manufacture CNC parts in the USA. Supporting American manufacturing is crucial for maintaining domestic jobs and adhering to stringent quality control standards. By choosing MKM Manufacturing, you contribute to the growth of American industry and labor.

Small Batch and On-Demand Production

We specialize in small to medium batch production, from single piece to hundreds of identical parts. Our rapid tooling and on-demand production services ensure fast delivery and cost efficiency, helping you launch your products to market swiftly and test them before large-scale investment.

Commitment to Quality

With over 40 years of experience, we are committed to providing quality craftsmanship. Our quality control measures oversee every step of the manufacturing process, ensuring we exceed our customers’ expectations. We continually improve our processes and products to deliver the best results.

Get in Touch

Let MKM Manufacturing provide you with a free project quote. We promise prompt responses with accurate pricing and reliable timelines for your precision machining or prototype manufacturing needs. Contact us today to discuss your project!